Fancy Farm, KY
A Beautiful Southern Town

Fancy Farm Elementary

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A Message from the Principal

If ever you have dreamed of a school that truly feels like home, Fancy Farm Elementary is the place to be.  Since the existence of this school, students have been learning and becoming great leaders within this community and throughout the state.  We strive to not only offern an exceptional learning environment, but also a friendly, family-type atmosphere that makes every person that enters our doors feel right at home.

I must admit that after having worked here for almost 16 years, it still amazes me at the community and family support we receive for both our students and staff.  Fancy Farm Elementary is the perfect picture of a rural American school.  Surrounded by beautiful farmland, small local business, churches, and homes, our school offers the education and support all children and families deserve.  So come on out and visit with us and you will soon see why this is such a great place to call home.

Janet Throgmorton
Fancy Farm Elementary
270 674 4821
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