Fancy Farm, KY
A Beautiful Southern Town

One Mile Classic and 5K

ST. Jerome One Mile Classic  - One Mile Walk/Run

People of all ages enjoy the One Mile Classic held the Friday before the picnic. Beginning at the front of St. Jerome, kids and adults race to the creek bridge and back.

For information on the One Mile Classic,  please contact Jimmy Elder at 674-5665 or at

The 5K Race - 3.1 miles

The 5K race follows once the One Mile Classic is complete. The 5k consists of 3.1 miles down highway 339. If you run this race you will encounter long roads and a few hills, but in the end you will hear hundreds of people cheering you on as you cross the finish line.

To register and more information visit  the St. Jerome website.

For more information contact Eric Wilson at 623-8200. Eric's email is .
St. Jerome One Mile Classic - Pictures
Fancy Farm Picnic 5K Race - Pictures
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