Fancy Farm, KY
A Beautiful Southern Town

St. Jerome Parish

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Fancy Farm officials have now posted a marker following St. Jerome Catholic Church's designation on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was unveiled Sunday afternoon in a brief ceremony with community leaders and others gathered in front of the town's old school.  17 acres of the historic community were listed on the register earlier this year by the US Department of Interior which includes the town's cemetery, the third construction of St. Jerome's Church, and the Old Fancy Farm High School, among other landmarks.  The first enduring establishment of settlers in the community arrived around 1829 and construction on the first permanent church began in 1835.  Mayfield and Graves County's Eastside Septic Tank and Concrete Company donated materials and the expert setting was done by Jason Sams.

In beautiful downtown Fancy Farm you can easily recognize the center of the small town,
St. Jerome Catholic Church.





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